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Chapter Officer's:

 Tony Sahlfeld (Saddle Tramp)               Korea       Vietnam       SW Asia       Gulf War     ArmFedex    

  Larry Parker (Frog)                                              

                                                                             Kosovo     Somalia         Iraq        Afghanistan

 Susan Kelb (Subabe)                           

Terrance Crane (AirBorne Daddy)                                                Heartland Rep: Tim Coach (Gorilla)  

  HHerbert Stewart (Godfather)                                    Missouri State Rep:  John Ray (White Lightning)


Road Cpt: Lee, Richard (Scooter)

Public Relations: Kellner, Paul (Soda-Pop)

Service Officer: Royce Kelb (Warhorse)

QuarterMaster: SStewart, ,Linda (Godmother)

We are an Association of Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who ride motorcycles as a hobby. Our mission now is to support and defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to help veteran care facilities provide a warm meal, clothing, shelter, and guidance, or simply to say

                                Thank You and Welcome Home!                               

Our membership is comprised of Full Members ( those with verified combat service ) and Supporter Members ( those who have non-combat military service, and have a sincere dedication to helping veterans ). We have members from nearly all 50 states and living abroad. Many members continue to serve in our Armed Forces, with several serving in combat areas now. We sponsor and/or participate in many motorcycle-related charity events each year, and as a non-profit organization, donate to various veteran care facilities and veteran charities.


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